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We must not ignore Stress.

I mentioned the 'S' word in a recent blog. Having suffered in the past quite significantly, I have, over time, found my own toolkit to work through particularly difficult times (one of which is to label it as 'challenge' not stress). My symptoms include IBS, hives, fatigue and (according to Barry) all round grumpiness! I… Continue reading We must not ignore Stress.

School Business Leadership

Brexit – What every KS1 knows.

When you start school the very first thing you do is make friends. If you're very lucky (or well connected) you will have bought some with you from nursery. I'm sure there are clever theories as to how and why you choose friends but to me it seems random. My youngest came home from his… Continue reading Brexit – What every KS1 knows.


This is their Generation 

I won't lie. February has been a challenging month. I always hesitate to use the word "stressful" because it is as much my responsibility as anyones to make sure that my job isn't detrimental to my health! Hence the recent failing in my 2017 resolution to maintain a blog. However, don't look back, look forward,… Continue reading This is their Generation¬†