School Business Leadership

Post-Audit Blues

It’s been a weird week. The auditors were in. My blog story went live on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. Jack went back to University. I’ve had fire alarms, complaining parents, a million emails to deal with (aka delete) and an ever-growing mountain of backlog sneering at me from a pile on my desk.

I do sometimes wonder how I manage to stay standing up.

My wingman, for the first time ever, said to me this week, “I’m going to walk this over [to the school next door] I need fresh air.” Major alarm bells went off in my head like the klaxon you might hear on a navy frigate…”ALL HANDS – ABANDON SHIP!!”.

I managed to keep it together.

I guess that is why, after a week of holding myself and my colleagues (parents, auditors, family and friends) up, the blues have hit me today.

As you know. I like to wallow for a short while and then use the tools in my arsenal (a dramatic word, but I like to call it that as it reminds me of Jack who has always been a big supporter) to pick myself up, dust myself off and make a start on clearing the backlog.

Those of you who are School Business Managers (or international equivalent) will know that backlog clearing is hard work and even more pressurised than Audit week. Time is critical, deadlines loom but because you haven’t got strangers sitting in your office, everyone else thinks the party is over and they can go back to their usual high level of demands.

So, although I could spend today working and starting on the clearing process, I’m not going to. I’m going to look after me. I’m going to walk in the countryside with dogs, visit my mother, watch a film, snooze and generally regroup so I can hit the ground running tomorrow with a positive attitude, wide-awake flair, book marketing ideas and supportive mentality.

Go me!

How do you deal with post event blues?

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