School Business Leadership

They see the Crescent. 

I sometimes think that I’m not a very good advert for the role of the School Business Manager when colleagues and friends frequently say to me “I couldn’t do your job.”

Why not?

Here are the top five responses:

  1. It’s too big a job for one person. They are right. It is a big job with loads of variety, lots of juggling and some frantic spinning of plates. I’m used to it now and I think the answer is just to calmly keep everything in the air, delegate for England and ask for help when you need it.
  2. No one looks after you. I look after me with the help of like-minded colleagues, friends and family. I recognise that my support structure is crucial and I make sure that I maintain it, whatever form it takes.
  3. Where’s your work/life balance? I could work 24/7 but I have to be ruthless with my time and make the best use of it. My family needs me to be sane and healthy so I owe it to them (and me!) to maintain my own well-being.
  4. I wouldn’t enjoy all that responsibility. I often joke that I try not to stop and think about the responsibilities for fear of being overwhelmed. In reality I remember that I share the responsibility with other members of SLT. I’m not on my own. I also tell myself that when I stop enjoying my job, I shall stop doing it and move on. I’m not indispensable.
  5. The salary is not enough for what you do. This is a very subjective opinion and I’ve never been one to share what I earn so this reason is always based on assumption. How much would be enough? To whom should I compare? I know I sit fairly within my organisation’s structure and if I decide I want more money I’ll start looking for another job.

The thing I love most about being a School Business Manager is that, for the most part, I am in control of my role, my physical and mental health, my hours, my salary and my day-to-day activity. I’m in control of who does what around me and I am one of the few people, if not the only person, in the organisation who has a view of the complete picture. School Business Managers – We get to see the whole of the Moon.

Would I do my job? Absolutely. Would you?

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