Holiday Sleuthing

It’s always too early to quit. 

On January 1st 2017 I decided that my New Years resolution was to start writing.

For me.

To see if writing about the ups and downs of my life in 2017 would help strike some work/life balance and calm a mind that I was finding difficult to switch off.

It worked.

Of course, I still have the occasional sleepless night but I feel calmer in myself and more able to express how I’m feeling.

The culmination of the year has been to write a book (or “pamphlet” as my husband so kindly refers to it) and publish it on Amazon.

The book started as a blog over the summer. A sort of Agatha Christie-esque adventure with a School Business Manager using her infinite variety of skills to solve a crime.

The blog was well received in eduTwitter-land and I was encouraged to enlarge on it. As a result it became darker and scary as I expressed some of my feelings during the writing process as an author that was horrified by the killing of a character.

People who love me read it first and, as much as I assured them it was fiction, were concerned for my well-being. My Mother even suggested that I “talk to someone”!

I love the book. I love the way the author is involved. I love Barry, and Anna is the clever person I try hard to be, knowing that I fall short.

The characters are alive to me (although I have no idea whether that comes across to readers), I feel a renewed connection with my Grandfather and I feel my learning curve in 2017 has got me to this unforeseen point for a purpose.

But now I am at the most difficult stage of all. Selling it. I decided while I was writing it that I would give any proceeds to the school I work in. I didn’t want my writing to be about monetary gain this year.  That isn’t the point. But this part of the process is proving to be much, much more difficult than I anticipated.

So if there is anyone out there in the WordPress world who can give me tips, write a review or point me in a growth direction, I would be so grateful. Even if it is to give me the news that I’m wasting my time!

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much.

Edie xx

A link to the Amazon site of Idyll Interrupted is HERE

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