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Clocking off on a Friday

Shock, horror, abandoned Sour Cherry...

School Business Leadership

The Country Diary of a Modern Mrs.

A sturdy pair of wellies, a modicum of sense-of-direction and a desire for freedom is all you need...

School Business Leadership

Business Leaders – We need you now.

As a Business Leader and MBA I've always considered competition to be a good thing. It makes a business think harder about their structures, their overheads, production, marketing and pricing strategies. It makes them work on researching and developing their market and their position within it. It makes them look outside their own market to… Continue reading Business Leaders – We need you now.

School Business Leadership

Ask Anna – The SBL Interview

I have my first interview soon but I'm not sure how to prepare for it so that I give myself the best chance against other (probably more experienced) candidates...

Holiday Sleuthing

Idyll Interrupted

My challenge to myself to write a crime fiction story became a massive undertaking...

School Business Leadership

What’s your lanyard flair?

What do your lanyard pins say about you?

School Business Leadership

Ask Anna – How do I get onto my SLT?

Dear Anna, I saw you at EdExec Live and you talked about how every SBM should be part of their Senior Leadership Team and participate in the meetings. Can you tell me again how I do this?