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An hour in the life of an SBL

The work of a School Business Leader has peaks and troughs.

Some days you are scaling Mount Everest and other days…you are scaling K2. (OK, I lied about the troughs.)

I can promise you that back in the olden days of SBLship, there really were times in the month that were relatively Mariana Trench. Days when there was nothing that demanded your instant attention. Days when you could think, strategise, plan and dream. Days when you didn’t have to bolt your lunch down because you had to get to the next meeting looking vaguely organised and professional. Days when you could tinker with “what-ifs” in next years budget so that you could take workable ideas for improvement to SLT. Days when you could wander round the site noting areas that needed a wipe down with a damp cloth and considering whether a few plants against this wall would brighten things up.

Ha ha! Those were the days.

This week however, it was Thursday I think (I lose track), I suddenly realised that I had an hour “free”. An hour that wasn’t taken up by meetings, finance, personnel, MAT administration, premises, health and safety, marketing, GDPR or emails.

What was I to do?

Of course I’m a realist. At moments like these I know there is always a policy to review or a risk register to consider. I could always update template forms or office procedures, but actually, I thought, I’ve only got an hour, is it worth starting something new?

So, like many an SBL before me, I did what I’m always telling my team to do.

I ventured outside my office.

I went to have a look at what else was going on in the school I’m proud to work in. I witnessed the learning, some of it heads-down over a book, some of it active and chatty. I enjoyed the smiles on the faces of the teachers who give their all every day. I drooled over the food that was about to be decimated in morning break (not literally!). I noted that a door handle was loose. I disturbed the squirrels scurrying around the yard looking for discarded breakfast before the seagulls started circling at breaktime. I admired the vibrant displays as if I was in an Art Gallery. I marveled at how fresh the toilet blocks smelt (it was early in the day!). For a few minutes I watched a match on the field…

I remembered why I work here.

Then I went back inside to make ready for the next meeting, refreshed and ready for whatever the day could throw at me.

Happy weekend everyone.

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