School Business Leadership

Keep Blogging – The world is listening

It’s exciting that so many more SBL’s are catching the “blog-bug” this year and I am really enjoying their SBL stories, experience and challenges. Blogging is such a good way for us all to share best practice, as well as being an excellent well-being tool, but one of the drawbacks is that it is hard to tell if anyone is benefiting – or even paying attention!

Following the ISBL National Conference, I channelled my enthusiasm into a blog – I want to go Global! The event, in November, had totally inspired me on an international scale. I’d listened to guest speakers from South Africa and Australia and also had a conversation over drinks with the President of ASBO International. It is so clear that School Business Leaders face similar challenges all over the world so, if we are talking about collaboration, why do we limit ourselves to a county, region or nation? Let’s take the conversation out to our colleagues globally and see what we can share and learn.

So imagine how excited I was to receive a comment on the blog from Stephen Morales, our ISBL CEO, asking me if I would like to talk about how I could be involved in developing SBL international relations?

Yes! Yes! YES!

How can I help?

What can I do?

My telephone conversation with Stephen today has fully cemented my ambition to be part of an international platform of SBL’s who are joining to work together on research into the leadership challenges and barriers that we all face, whether they are due to the education system in our own countries, the changes taking place in our sectors, the training available to us and other leaders, entrenched practice, or just the limitations we put upon ourselves.

I am thrilled to have been invited to future skype calls involving international colleagues (which by necessity will take place at very odd times of the day and night!) and also assist with the ISBL led research, starting open and honest conversations, testing the theories and offering a ‘practitioner’ viewpoint.

So to all you new SBL bloggers, and those of you who are still thinking about diving in, your voice is important and, be assured, your profession is listening.

Keep talking.

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