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Flashers and Floaters

Eyes are very precious. When you notice something unusual, get it checked out. Then sit in the opticians and consider how important teamwork is to an organisation.

School Business Leadership

School Business Leadership Truths

In the same style as Baz Luhrmann's song "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)", let's lay out the truths of School Business Leadership.

School Business Leadership

School Business Leaders are AWESOME!

What if we could bring together School Business Leaders (SBL) for a day of workshops designed and run by practising SBLs giving their time freely, with an amazing keynote speaker, an opportunity for networking...perhaps a spot of lunch? We did!

School Business Leadership

Choice matters

Throughout my life I've made choices. Some good ones, some which, with hindsight, were perhaps not so clever. We make choices that shape our life and we live with them.

School Business Leadership

Poverty in Education

We may be able to survive the here and now but by inequitably and under funding our children's education will bring consequences and we risk failing the whole human race!

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Let them eat cake!

You only have to open your news app to read about child poverty in the UK. School Leaders see it every day and it is not limited to the inner cities or big estates, countryside poverty can be hidden in the blanket of a perceived "affluent" area. I've lived in the English countryside all my… Continue reading Let them eat cake!