School Business Leadership

School Business Leaders are AWESOME!

School Business Leaders are AWESOME

Six hours after our School Business Leader Development Day finished, I still want to start this blog with…


Let me start at the beginning.

The Cotswold Edge Teaching Alliance (CETA) is a group of 5 secondary schools and 7 primary schools in Gloucestershire. It’s highly proactive. It has achieved recognition for its work and the number of new teachers it is bringing into the profession is growing strongly. It offers a range of Teacher and Leader courses throughout the year and has recently introduced a TA course. So when I asked if it could extend its reach to School Business Leaders I was confident it would be interested in the proposal.

It was a small idea…

What if we could bring together School Business Leaders (SBL) for a day of workshops designed and run by practising SBLs giving their time freely, with an amazing keynote speaker, an opportunity for networking…perhaps a spot of lunch? CETA was interested.

Today has been the result of that original proposal…. AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!

SBLs working together are a formidable force.

SBLs sharing their practice, offering support and advice to each other. Laughing and learning together demonstrates that there is a way forward.

It struck me today that we SBLs have Education’s back.

Not on our watch

Although we are vocal about the lack of, and inequality in, funding (as well as the frustrations of our evolving role) I think the majority of SBLs flatly refuse to allow Education to fail. They will ensure they access the necessary training, collaboration and support to learn how they can ensure that this does not happen…not on their watch.

It is clear that today’s peer to peer event is an important element for development for the SBL. It provides local solutions that work alongside regional groups, social media sharing and formal training, at minimal cost and maximum impact. Learning that is run by SBLs for SBLs. Sharing practical experience and genuine this-is-how-i-do-it’s, all the while kicking SBL isolation into touch.

Put the SBL into your own Teaching Alliance

So, talk to your local Teaching Alliance about facilitating SBL development. Look outside your usual borders to network with new colleagues and together we can really sort this out!

Thank you to everyone who helped organise, gave support, ran a workshop and came along today. Can I say it again?


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