School Business Leadership

Magnums for all!

Dear Anna, If you bought Magnums as a treat for your team, but ate them behind their backs without telling them you’d bought them in the first place, is that immoral?Coolnow, Coventry

Firstly, we have to define the term ‘Magnum’, especially for our international readers. What have we got? A rock band from Birmingham? Coventry is quite close to Birmingham (with a silent H, if you’re English, or pronounced Bur-ming-um if you are from the region itself) so could be? Or maybe we’re talking about a gun cartridge? (I’m with you in that I thought a Magnum was a hand gun, so further research has now left me quite confused, I’m just going to assume you were not talking about eating bullets).

I’m happy to guess that we’re not talking about Tom Selleck or the rather more recent, sultry and better-looking-in-shorts, Jay Hernandez?

No, of course, we are talking about the Magnum ice cream, said to have been invented by Roger Moore, of The Saint and James Bond fame. Actually, Roger Moore is my least favourite Bond, but if he invented the Magnum then I can concede he has a deserved place in history.

So, if I have this straight, you bought Magnums for your team as a summer treat and ate them all yourself. A very small part of me wants to say ‘Go you!’ I bet they were delicious!  But then I wonder how I would feel as part of your team working hard in this muggy weather without anything to cool me down or make me feel valued in the workplace.

I can imagine them at this time of year as they are frantically trying to get all the invoices and claims on the system, as they smile through gritted teeth as staff bring in little bags of money that have been lurking in the back of their drawers since Christmas, and as they help find solutions for all the little problems that crop up now…just before the summer holidays!

Are you feeling bad now?

Of course, they can buy their own Magnums (and probably do every day on their way home – or maybe that is just me?) but isn’t it nice to get one, as a surprise from your line manager?

So, yes. In answer to your question, it is immoral to buy Magnums for your team and then eat them yourself. However, in my view it is not nearly as immoral as buying up the entire stock of Strawberry Mivvis from your local Cash & Carry, taking them personally round to all staff, basking in glory, and then quietly giving the receipt to your School Business Manager!

To atone, may I suggest you go straight out and buy two more boxes of Magnums, one for your team, and another one for you (in case you can’t resist again.)

You’ve got this

Anna x

PS Mine’s an almond one.





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