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Proud to be the SBM

SBM - does what it says on the tin

It’s been a tough week…

I try hard not to start blogs with that sentence but I can’t deny it, the pressure this week has felt palpable. Our annual audit, which has been made more challenging this year by staffing and IT issues, is now done. I feel like I can breathe again. Now I can start moving forward. I can be proud to be the SBM.

On Wednesday, at a particularly low ebb, I picked up #SBLTwitter and was amused by @auntiesocial73 asking “how often do you wash your hair?” It reminded me that sometimes it is the banal and superficial that keeps us going. For the first time in the week I thought about something other than control accounts, accrued income, Trustees MI and a request to report salary expenditure in yet another way.

For the first time in the week…I was smiling. It was a relief.

That is what #SBLTwitter gives us. A vital outlet to laugh, cry, rant, congratulate and commiserate with each other. A place where everyone is welcome and contribution is valued. I feel safe in the knowledge that I can put it down for a few days if the pressure mounts and it will still be there when I get back.

The sharing advice and best practice is an important part of the network but the camaraderie and #sbmlife (as we call it) is crucial. Of course I am interested to know how you manage your audit, but I’m also very interested to know how often you wash your hair!

The end was in sight
Proud to be the SBM

On Friday, with the end of audit in sight, my new duty coat arrived. I had ordered this for myself as a treat from a new supplier of student gym kit. Four weeks, in my opinion, is a long lead time but its a fab coat and I love it!

I hadn’t been modelling it for more than 5 minutes before two members of staff asked me why I hadn’t got my own initials on it and what does ‘SBM’ stand for?

I had thought about this when I placed the order. When I’m at work I feel like ‘SBM’ are my initials. I am the School Business Manager and I won’t deny, I’m proud of that. I might have other titles and other responsibilities (and probably a few names that aren’t shared with me!) but School Business Manager… It does what it says on the tin.

So, here are some things to take away from this week;

  1. An audit, however challenging, will end. Hang in there until it does. You know what it’s going to tell you.
  2. If you are reading this but haven’t yet signed up to #SBLTwitter I encourage you to do so. (There are some tips here.)
  3. Wear your SBM badge with pride. Be proud to be the SBM. You work hard. Your contribution is vital. (Even when you’re on duty in the pouring rain!)
  4. Make time for things that make you smile.
  5. The general consensus is that washing your hair everyday dries it out.

I love this job.

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