The Joy of Building

I grew up on a building site. But if you're thinking heras fencing and 'keep out' signs you'd be totally wrong. My parents moved out west to a small town in the mid-70s. I was an adventurous but clumsy oaf of a child and bought with me a broken arm that the doctors had deemed… Continue reading The Joy of Building


Election Madness!

This election is making me mad! That's it. I could stop there but a) it wouldn't be much of a blog and b) I'd like to explain further, if you'll join me. The first reason is because I live in a very solidly blue area. My old Dad, who stood in a couple of general… Continue reading Election Madness!


Supporting Support

A few years ago a new member of senior teaching staff mentioned to me that we seemed to have "rather a lot" of administrative staff. Now I was minded to instantly disagree as we had pared back to what I considered to be the absolute minimum, we'd lost a few staff that hadn't been replaced… Continue reading Supporting Support


One small voice

You may have gathered yesterday that I was very excited to have attended the SBM Roundtable event in Camelot (sorry Birmingham - I can't suppress the fantasy/fiction/ myth lover in me). However, in the cold light of a new morning, after my brain has had chance to sort out and reflect on all the information… Continue reading One small voice


The SBM Roundtable

I won't lie, my head is literally buzzing from my first "round table" of SBMs event held in Birmingham today. The opportunity to talk about the election manifestos and future policy making was just too great a draw and something I've wanted to be more involved in for a long time. So I threw my… Continue reading The SBM Roundtable

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Are you an SBM?

Over morning coffee in the garden today Barry welcomed "Mr Robin", a frequent visitor who has been stalking us for some time. I, of course, queried why it was "Mr" Robin and discovered his belief that it was only the males with the red breast. A quick google confirmed that male and female robins are… Continue reading Are you an SBM?