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Positive Thinking and the School Business Manager

Back in November 2019 - before the world went bonkers I wrote a blog on Positive Thinking and the School Business Manager. Maybe my positivity abandoned me at the time as it was never published and it has languished in my draft folder all this time. But can I tell you, I am in need… Continue reading Positive Thinking and the School Business Manager

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A House of Cards

When your confidence has gone, how do you find it again?

The nimble School Business Manager
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The nimble School Business Manager

Are you a nimble School Business Manager?

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Dip your toe in the blogging pool

Want to have a go at writing a blog post? Here are some tips to get you started.

My SBM Summer Holiday
School Business Leadership

My SBM Summer Holiday

For this year's project I have decided that I'm not going to let this new-fangled technology beat me and I'm going to learn more about the design and management of this website

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My First ‘Fitbit’ week

OK I admit it. I bought myself a Fitbit last weekend so I could get involved in the #SBLTwitter Steps Challenge. I figured that I should spend some of my hard-worked-for earnings on myself occasionally and I knew I needed to up my exercise level, so I went for it. Of course, I asked the… Continue reading My First ‘Fitbit’ week

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My First Fitbit week

I bought myself a Fitbit recently and Ive been surprised what it has taught me about myself

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Choice matters

Throughout my life I've made choices. Some good ones, some which, with hindsight, were perhaps not so clever. We make choices that shape our life and we live with them.

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Let them eat cake!

You only have to open your news app to read about child poverty in the UK. School Leaders see it every day and it is not limited to the inner cities or big estates, countryside poverty can be hidden in the blanket of a perceived "affluent" area. I've lived in the English countryside all my… Continue reading Let them eat cake!