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Let them eat cake!

You only have to open your news app to read about child poverty in the UK. School Leaders see it every day and it is not limited to the inner cities or big estates, countryside poverty can be hidden in the blanket of a perceived "affluent" area. I've lived in the English countryside all my… Continue reading Let them eat cake!

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Poverty in Education

We may be able to survive the here and now but by inequitably and under funding our children's education will bring consequences and we risk failing the whole human race!

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Ask Anna – What is it with all these deadlines?

Dear Anna, We recently converted to Academy and it has truly been one deadline after another! Any tips for keeping cool?

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I wanna be an SBL Star

Im through with standing in line for funds that never come in...

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Tweet of the week

I had a terrible day last week, I was exhausted by it, this job is hard sometimes...


We’re running on vapours Mav

Top Gun...hang on let me take a moment...OK. It's interesting to note that Goose doesn't actually say this often used "quote" from Top Gun. He does say; 'We've got no fuel for this', 'We're low on gas' and 'We're on vapour', but no matter, all four apply to current education funding. Basically, we are running… Continue reading We’re running on vapours Mav


Who will rescue Education?

The Red Cross are in the news this week reporting that the NHS is at crisis point and that they are assisting in the effort to get as many people safely through the winter as possible. This makes me wonder who is going to rescue Education when it gets to its inevitable tipping point from… Continue reading Who will rescue Education?