Holiday Sleuthing

Victor’s Watch 9

There was no discernible energy coming from her limbs which felt heavy, flat and lethargic, as if they had spent a considerable amount of time in one position.

Holiday Sleuthing

Victor’s Watch 8

Juliet closed her eyes in preparation for the enveloping darkness, on opening them again, the blackness was all around her, she was sitting on the hard wooden base of the wardrobe...

Holiday Sleuthing

Victor’s Watch 7

Victor’s existence in the chapel had established a rhythm and routine that satisfied his need for orderliness...

Holiday Sleuthing

Victor’s Watch 6

Juliet opened her eyes, shocked and disorientated at what she had just witnessed. “I don’t understand, have I blocked great sections of my life from my memory?”

Holiday Sleuthing

Victor’s Watch 5

Victor could walk out of the Chapel but he found he was happiest when he remained with its walls...

Holiday Sleuthing

Victor’s Watch 4

The elderly man stood in the middle of the recently disturbed brown earth leaning on the wooden hoe and looking up at the sun...

Holiday Sleuthing

Victor’s Watch 3

It was never going to be easy looking at yourself lying in a bed specifically set at a height to allow nursing staff to attend to your every need...

Holiday Sleuthing

Victor’s Watch 2

Juliet looked at Victor and realised that the look on her face must clearly indicate that she thought he was totally mad...

Holiday Sleuthing, School Business Leadership

School Holiday Sleuth – Idyll Interrupted. The Making of a Mystery. 

I knew I wasn't going to get away this summer. Family commitments, jobs that needed doing, rugby training, and a host of other responsibilities made any kind of holiday unrealistic. So I decided to do something completely different with my time and write a crime fiction murder mystery blog to be published in instalments and… Continue reading School Holiday Sleuth – Idyll Interrupted. The Making of a Mystery.