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ICFP – A Learning Plumb Bob

Every so often something comes along that changes the landscape. Something that you just have to get out in front of. Something that can't be ignored... Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning.

School Business Leadership


three vital traits a School Business Leader needs for success in our currently fast-changing and challenging industry... Adaptability, Resilience, Confidence

School Business Leadership

I want to go Global!

The ISBL Conference 2018 called for School Business Leaders to get out there, share skills and be professionally generous...

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How can the SBL support a journey into Education Leadership?

I've spent a very enjoyable afternoon learning how to animate and export a PowerPoint slideshow, which I'm pleased to share here. These are the slides to go with my workshop for #WomenEd unconference on the 6th October 2018. The aim was to inform teaching staff, looking to progress into Education Leadership, how a School Business… Continue reading How can the SBL support a journey into Education Leadership?

School Business Leadership

‘Course he’s got no legs…

There are many reasons to explain a problem or justify an incomplete task...or maybe it is just my bad!...