Supporting the School Business Manager

Supporting the School Business Manager

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WorkingSBM is here supporting the School Business Manager today with a platform to talk about your role and the pressures you face everyday. Being a School Business Manager is hard work, challenging, diverse and lots of fun! But how does it feel? And when things get tough – who can help and support?

The SBM role demands a variety of skills, you’ll find that no two jobs are ever the same and for this reason it can be a lonely position. You are NOT alone.

Here at WorkingSBM we want to show you that there is someone out there who can help. We want to help you rediscover your resilience, confidence and creativity with a platform for all hardworking SBMs to share their tricks and well-being tips, ask questions, and be reassured that someone else is going through exactly the same as you.

Whether you are a brand new SBM or long-in-the-tooth experienced there will be something here for you. Have a look through our blogs, or feel free to ‘Ask Anna‘ if you have a question.

If we can’t help you – we’ll know someone who can…


School Business Management is…

enabling teaching
a rollercoaster of opportunity
vital in maintaining balance
New every day
Equipping teachers to teach
If its not teaching its mine
an amazing community
like packing a parachute
critical to the learning environment


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