School Business Leadership

Could you be a School Resource Management Adviser?

Could you be a School Resource Management Adviser?

Could you be a School Resource Management Adviser? Are you an experienced School Business Leader with a strong finance focus working in the South West counties of England?

Do you want to share your skills with other schools? Advise on school improvement strategies and recommend ways to find financial efficiencies to positively impact educational outcomes?

Are you practical and approachable but with the confidence to discuss deficit recovery with school leadership?

If yes, would you consider becoming a School Resource Management Adviser with Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust?

Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust is the only Trust contracted to supply School Resource Management Advisers to the DfE. Our vision is to deploy practising School Business Managers offering peer support to other schools facing financial deficit. Making recommendations to help the school move towards long term sustainability.

Following accreditation, the SRMA will find that the process offers huge benefits for their own professional development, confidence and role.

Please see our application pack for more information and get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to receiving your application.

cbat srma application pack


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