Guest Blogs

Dip your toe in the blogging pool

Do you have something to say? Do you want to have a go at writing a blog post? Not sure where to start? Why not dip your toe in the blogging pool by writing a guest blog?

I’m thrilled at the success and positive comments following guest blogs on School Business Management from @rachaeljstewart and @auntiesocial73 on the WorkingSBM website.

Looking back to the start of my own blogging journey it would have been great to have somewhere to start. Somewhere to just reassure me that I was writing something that others wanted to read. I had a lot to say. All I needed was a platform.

A well-being tool

It is a little bit scary putting your feelings out there but we’re all going through similar challenges, pressure and emotions. Maybe your way of dealing with something will be a revelation to readers. Or maybe your view will just reassure colleagues that they are not alone. You will definitely find it a cathartic experience and it is an excellent well-being tool.

A colleague once asked me why I’d called my site WorkingSBM. The original answer was “because that’s what I am.” But the site has evolved over the years and I’ve come to realise that we are all “WorkingSBM” and we can share this platform for the benefit of us all. It is not commercial, just there as a place to share how we feel and what we know.

A few starting tips…

So if you would like to dip your toe in the blogging pool and write a guest blog post, here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way in my quest reader-friendly posts and Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

  • Aim to write about 500-800 words.
  • Give it a snappy and interesting title that you can use in a sentence in the first paragraph. If you can also use the title in a sentence later on in the post…extra kudos!
  • Split the text up with sub-headings. This makes it easier to read. Remember your most likely reader is on a mobile, a screen full of words is off-putting.
  • Keep sentences short. (I find this quite hard, because I don’t speak in short sentences.)
More advanced tips…
  • Try not to write with a passive voice. Having read up on this, I’m still not sure what it is. Just that my SEO analyser tells me I do it a lot!
  • Don’t start consecutive sentences with the same word. Again, this makes it more difficult to read (apparently).
Having said all that…

I think the most important thing is to get what you want to say out there. If you just write and send it to me at, I’ll maximise the SEO for you by adding the required keyphrase, images, attributes, outbound and inbound links, slugs, excerpts and snippets. I might add a few full stops, headings and additional words. If you have gone to all the trouble to write it, we want it to be visible!

Just a bit of small print…

I need to maintain the integrity of the site so I will not publish anything that I consider to be inappropriate. I reserve the right to make changes to your post but you will always be credited as the author. If at any time you are not happy or you want to remove the post from the site, just let me know.

Ready to start?

So. Inspired to write? It can be on any subject relevant or linked to school business operations. It would be great to also have some guest posts from other Support roles in school, as well as School Business Managers. I also know we would all value views from Governors, Trustees, Headteachers and Consultants.

And what about our overseas readers? (I know you’re there.) Tell us what challenges you face in your country.

Together, we can make this platform a useful resource for all Schools, Support Staff and aspiring SBMs.

We all look forward to reading your posts.

You’ve got this.

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